Logo for and description of the vision of Center for Synthetic Biology

 In achieving this, our mission is to:

  • Deliver  world class synthetic biology research and education
  • Maintain and strengthen a prosperous cross-disciplinary working environment
  • Establish synthetic biology as a key focus area at the governmental, academic, industrial and political levels, ensuring Danish leadership in the development of synthetic biology as a key component of a prosperous Bio-based Society
  • Engage in public dialogue
  • Promote an ethically sound approach to synthetic biology

Strategic approaches to obtain mission:

  • Produce world class synthetic biology research and education
  • Establish infrastructure and core facilities
  • Develop a strong cross-disciplinary collaboration platform within the Center and  the University of Copenhagen as well as at the national and international  level
  • Strategic endeavors to secure additional and future funding possibilities,  nationally as well as at the EU-level
  • Strategic and concrete endeavors to further strengthen and continue industrial  interest and collaborations
  • Strengthen the public dialogue, taking into consideration the  development of citizen science and the accompanying crowd accelerated  innovation that need to be captured to spur interest in natural sciences and  engagement of the general   public in science matters
  • Continued focus on ethical aspects of synthetic biology