The Center for Synthetic Biology is managed by the Steering Group whose members represent a structure that overarches several crossdisciplinary projects.
The Center's Steering Group makes all decisions regarding research and funding. 

Director of Center for Synthetic Biology

Professor Birger Lindberg Møller

Professor Birger Lindberg Møller 
Chair of Center for Synthetic Biology's Steering Group
Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences
Faculty of Science

Deputy Director of Center for Synthetic Biology

Professor Ulrik GetherProfessor Ulrik Gether 
Vice-Chair the Center for Synthetic Biology Steering Group
Head of the Molecular Neuropharmacology Group
Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology
Faculty of Health Sciences

Steering Group Members

Professor Maja HorstProfessor Maja Horst
Head of Department
Dept. of Media, Cognition and Communication
Faculty of Humanities

Professor Timo MinssenProfessor Timo Minssen
Center for Information an Innovation Law
Faculty of Law

Professor Bo Wegge LaursenProfessor Bo Wegge Laursen
Head of Nanoscience Center
Department of Chemistry
Faculty of Science

ProfessProfessor Kell Mortensen or Kell Mortensen
Head of the Nanobioscience Group
Niels Bohr Institute
Faculty of Science

 The bioSYNergy Research Committee

Apart from the Steering Group members, the Research Committee consists of the following: 

  • Postdoc Ana Norgberg
  • Associate Professor Claus Juul Løland
  • Professor Dimitrios Stamou
  • Postdoc Irini Pateraki
  • Professor Jesper Nygård
  • Associate Professor Karen Martinez
  • Professor Lise Arleth
  • Associate Professor Marité Cardenas
  • Associate Professor Nikos Hatzakis
  • Professor Poul Erik Jensen
  • Professor Sotirios Kampranis
  • Assistant Professor Søren Gøgsig Faarup Rasmussen 
  • Associate Professor Sune Holm
  • Associate Professor Thomas Günther-Pomorski
  • Associate Professor Tom Vosch