The aim of the synthetic biology research at University of Copenhagen, is to develop technologies that can enable the transition to a sustainable biobased society. The outcome of the ongoing research will form the scientific basis for developing the sustainable production of biochemicals, energy, personalized medicine, and molecular bioelectronics.

The research focus on synthetic biology is to design and build biological systems with novel functions, by studying existing biological systems. These studies are carried out in a highly crossdisciplinary manner, with the involvement of not only neuro- and plant biologists, but also nanoscientists and biophysicists. legal scholars, ethicists and communication experts.

In addition to the health, nature, and life sciences research within synthetic biology, an important part of the Center for Synthetic Biology's research lies within the humanities and legal studies. The aim of this is to tie closer links between the scientific community and the general society, in terms of promoting public dialogue, by clarifying the ethical aspects of synthetic biology, by investigating scientific social responsibility, and by charting legal tools with which to facilitate technology transfer to industry. Read more here.



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