Desert-Loving Therapeutics

Eremophila blossoms
Photographs by Michael Bayly

Combining acient knowledge and modern science
By combining ancient knowledge of the Aboriginal people on the use of herbal extracts of Eremophila plants with world-leading research competences and state-of-the-art technologies, this project will uncover a rich catalogue of interesting molecules with wide pharmaceutical applications bringing highly promising bioactive diterpenoids from the remote Australian desert towards the bedside.

Worshipped by the Australian indegenous people
Plants belonging to the Eremophila (Greek: eremos=desert, philos=friend, i.e. ‘desert-loving plant’) genus are worshipped as sacred by the Australian indigenous people due to their health promoting properties. In parallel to the scientific exploration, a Charity Trust and legal framework will be established to ensure appropriate sharing of benefits and IPR with the indigenous people.

Interdisciplinary Danish-Australian Collaboration
This project can only unfold through the fruitful, interdisciplinary collaboration between the highly competent principal investigators and their respective groups.

From University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Birger Lindberg Møller - Plant biochemistry
Dan Stærk - Drug Design and Pharmacology
Ulrik Gether - Neuroscience

From Australia
University of Melbourne - Mike Bayly - Plant Systematics and Taxonomy
University of South Australia - Susan Semple - natural products chemistry
Wise Owl Consulting - Bevan Buirchell – botany and collection

Mike Bayly

Susan Semple

Bevan Buirchell