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06 August 2012

Is Synbio your future? Find out at 'Young Researcher Cafe'

On september 19 Synthetic Biology PhD-student at KU, Tomas Laursen, will open the Young Researcher Cafe's autumn season of lectures with a talk entitled "Synthetic biology - building with nature's own specialized building blocks".

Synthetic biology is about exploring nature's mechanisms and building blocks in order to build similar systems with the aim of producing many of the materials that surround us in our everyday life. This demands collaboration between both molecular plant biologists, biochemists, biophysicists, nanotechnologists.

In this exiting intersection synthetic biology is blooming right now.

Come and be introduced to the novel interdisciplinary research field in which Denmark is taking a pioneering lead. The lecture will have a special focus on synthetic plant biology.

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Read more about Tomas Laursen's research here

The Young Researcher Cafe's aim is to provide junior scientists with an environment in which they can share research within a broad range of topics, with their scientific peers. 

The time and venue for the Young Researcher Cafe:
Wednesday September 19th at 17:15. The library, Dyrlægevej 10-1870 Frederiksberg C. 

Questions and debate will follow the talk, along with food and drink.

All are welcome, the lecture will be given in Danish.