13 December 2012

WORKSHOP: KU på Kryds og Tværs/ UCPH across disciplines

On Monday 17th December, workshop participants, including the leadership of both UNIK projects based at University of Copenhagen, will meet to discuss the possibilities for, potential of and conditions necessary for interdisciplinary research initiatives at the University.

These discussions will be undertaken with the goal of exchanging and formulating recommendations and advice for both University and interdisciplinary project leaders, as well as junior researchers.
These results will be available on the Researcher Portal of KUnet and will also be presented at a final conference on February 4th 2013.

Based on his experience of heading the interdisciplinary Center for Synthetic Biology, Professor Birger Lindberg Møller will take part in the interview and discussion session titled 'To Educate Across Disciplines'.
Professor Møller will be joined amongst others by Sune Holm, UNIK participant and Assistant Professor of Philosophy, and Thue Schwartz and Camilla Verdich, the leaders of UNIK-Food Fitness and Pharma.

See the full workshop description and schedule here (in Danish)
To register for the workshop, email Katrine Lindvig at pbf215@hum.ku.dk