31 August 2015

Ethics and Risk


Workshop on Ethics and Risk organized by the Ethics and Communication Research Group, Center for Synthetic Biology and the Research Group in Political Philosophy, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication


Risk and uncertainty are pervasive features of decision-making and plays a key role in debates about emerging biotechnology. Politicians and regulators will in many cases have to make decisions despite being uncertain about their effects on future events. In order to shed light on issues of public interest in relation to social decisions on potentially groundbreaking technologies this workshop brings together leading scholars on the ethics of risk to investigate and discuss questions concerning when risky activities are morally permissible, how major moral theories assess risk-imposing actions, and the role of emotions in evaluations of risk. 

Time: 23 September 2015, 09:00-16:00
Place: KUA 1, Karen Blixens vej 4, 2300 København S. Room: 27.0.09


09.00 Arrival and coffee
09.30-10.30The Ethics of Risk (Sven Ove Hansson, Stockholm)
10.45-11.45: Against a Rights-based Ethics of Risk (Christian Munthe, Gothenburg)
11.45-12.45: Rights and Risk (Sune Holm, Copenhagen)
12.45-13.45: Lunch
13.45-14.45 : Are public attitudes to risk irrational? (Andreas Christiansen, Copenhagen)
15.00-16.00: The Role of Art in Emotional-Moral Reflection on Technological Risks (Sabine Roeser, Delft)

Attendance is free, but please contact Associate Prof. Sune Holm if you plan to attend - suneh@hum.ku.dk