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08 December 2014

Advisory Board for announced

The Danish popular science news website has established and appointed their Advisory Board. Among the members is Prof. Maja Horst, member of the Steering Group at Center for Syntehtic Biology. The advisory board will also be ambassadors for the news site. was launched in 2008 as an independent media.

The nine advisory board members are:

  • Henrik Øregaard Dam (chairman)
    Rector at SDU, dr.jur. and former Dean at Faculty of Law, UCPH
  • Flemming Besenbacher
    Chairmand at the Carlsberg Foundation, Carlsberg A/S and Carlsberg Laboratorium, physicist, professor and former director of the Interdisciplinary  Nanoscience Center at Aarhus University
  • Peter Munk Christiansen 
    Chairman of the Danish Council for Independent Research and professor in Political Science at Aarhus Universitet
  • Maja Horst
    Head of Department of Media, Cognition and Communication UCPH, professor in research communication.
  • Pia Bech Mathiesen 
    Director of the science amusement park Universe, Architect, former chief designer at Experimentarium and DSB
  • Anne-Birgitte Rasmussen 
    Chairman at "Gymnasieskolernes Rektorforening" and rector at the Copenhagen Open High School, MSc in Math and physics
  • Thomas Rasmussen 
    Reserach director, leader of  the department for Research, Innovation and Knowledge at the Danish School for Media and Journalism
  • Charlotte Rønhof
    Director at Confederation of Danish Industry with responsibility for Research, Education and Diversity
  • Arne Steinmark
    CEO and cheif editor at "Mediehuset Ingeniøren" and member of the board for the Association of Danish Media

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