7 May 2012

Politiken: Scientists support Uni-equity for strategic endeavours

Head of Center for Synthetic Biology Birger Lindberg Møller co-authors an opinion piece in Politiken today telling politicians that world class university leadership depends on a sound economical planning - not a zero-sum approach.

The article highlights the mismatch between the politicians' annually modified stop-go economy and the long-term investments necessary for ambitious research. Decision makers are therefore implored to appreciate how universities function as research institutions - both when determining the state budget and when participating in the recent debate on the University equity capital.

The authors further point to the fact that it is necessary to prioritize new positions and lecture halls when allocating the University's savings. In that way investments in new buildings and facilities are accompanied by positions for technical and scientific staff, as well as investments in research and education.

Co-authoring the article is Head of UNIK-Food, Fitness and Pharma, Professor Thue W. Schwartz and Head of Center for GeoGenetics, Professor Eske Willerslev.