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16 June 2014

Innovative protein analysis receives a million dollar grant

Anywhere that proteins are active, there is an urgent need to understand protein dynamics, whether it is in drug development, diagnostics or in biochemical research. Together with an international group, Associate Professor Tom Vosch of the Nano-Science Center, Department of Chemistry, conceived an idea for a new method to study protein dynamics at the single molecule level on a time scale that is much faster than previously possible.

Tracking singe molecules with luminescent substances
The project, entitled "Real-time imaging of solid conformational dynamics of ion channel gating with plasmonic nano-antennas", combines plasmonics with the tracking of single molecules using fluorescent substances. The three laboratories involved in the project have recently received a grant of one million U.S. dollars from the "The Human Frontier Science Program."

Organization supports research across national borders
HFSP is a program that finances cutting-edge research in life sciences. The organization behind it tries to deal with the paradox that science is international, while most funding agencies are only nationally or even regionally based. Tom Vosch hopes to attract both undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in carrying out projects or theses in this exciting field.