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27 August 2015

TALK: Open Innovation, Standardization and IPRs in Systems Biology


Timo Minssen will present on “Open Innovation, Standardization and IPRs in Systems Biology” at the ERASysAPP Networking workshops in systems biology in Luxembourg on 07-09 October 2015.

The full title of the ERASysApp project is “Systems Biology Applications – ERASysApp” (ap

p = application, referring to translational systems biology).

The project aims to promote multidimensional and complementary European systems biology projects, programmes, and research initiatives with a particular focus on applications. In other words, it aims to stimulate “translational systems biology” research approaches (application-oriented and/or industry-relevant).

Taking past successful developments and achievements into account, ERASysApp continues and builds on work that has been performed by the previously funded successful ERANET on Systems Biology, ERASysBio and its spin-offs ERASysBio+, SysMO and SysMO2.

The workshop “Networking of research centres” will concentrate on model systems topic and and collaboration mechanisms while the second workshop “Networking industry-academia” will be devoted to the topics of standards, data sharing and intellectual property rights.

Further information about the workshop is available here