12 October 2012

VIDEO: Vision of Synbio shared @ TEDxCopenhagen

Visionary ideas with potential to move the world were shared when the highly acclaimed conference series TEDx took place in Copenhagen. Among the prominent line-up of speakers was Professor Birger Lindberg Møller spreading the vision of synthetic biology. All talks are now available online.

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Driven by the passionate wish of making the best ideas of the most inspirational thinkers of the world available through on-line channels, the global phenomenon TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) has changed the way people share knowledge and inspire each other. 

“Being invited to share the visions of synthetic biology with global audiences was both an honor and a great responsibility - especially considering the extraordinary people that have been on the TED-stage in the past and the tremendous passion that has gone into organizing this event,” says director of Center for Synthetic Biology at University of Copenhagen Professor Birger Lindberg Møller.

Creative futurists at TEDxCopenhagen
At this year’s TEDxCopenhagen event which featured the common theme ‘MOVEMENT’ an impressive group of creative futurists were given 13 minutes or less to share their most inspirational ideas for positive change on a global scale.

Visions of bio-architecture, movement at the speed of light and the power of mentorship for children were among the subjects – as was synthetic biology and its future potential.

In his talk, Birger Lindberg Møller explains why plants should become our new best friends with the help of synthetic biology:

“Plants are extraordinary organisms. They are the most skillful biochemists in the world, and through synthetic biology we can utilize their properties to change our present oil-based and chemical production from being inefficient and polluting to solar-powered and environmentally friendly,” he says.

Passion for change
The synbio-professor was astonished by the passion and visionary outlook of many of the talks of the day:

“They were challenging both in an intellectual and emotional way, and the theatrical performances even added a very tangible physical aspect to complete the whole” says Birger Lindberg Møller, who strongly encourages everyone to view the talks from the TEDxCopenhagen conference:

“They are brimful of inspiring ideas for positive movements that can teach us how to build better lives for all of us,” he says and credits the very competent and devoted team of organizers, led by Licensee Lærke Ullerup.

Other examples of interesting speakers of the day are:
- The innovative restaurateur Claus Meyer who described how the NOMA story of local food traditions spurring a gastronomical revolution, can be mirrored in any country or culture, e.g. Bolivia.
- Professor Bente Klarlund who confided that her health research has shown her that it is much healthier to be fat and fit than to be lean and lazy.
- Architect Kasper Guldager whose talk "Material World" was about how to rethink architecture by introducing technologies from various sciences into designing buildings.

Cartooning TEDx: The whole event can also be experienced by viewing Bigger Picture's inspirational drawings. Se more here and here.  

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