25 March 2011

Synthetic Biology and Cell Factories Conference

May 26-27 the first Danish Conference on Synthetic Biology and Cell Factories takes place in Denmark.

The scientific programme will include sessions on
 - Perspectives in synthetic biology
 - In silico design and engineering of metabolic pathways in yeast and fungi
 - Gene networks and new genetic codes
 - Cell free systems and cell assembly
 - Synthetic biology in plants
 - DNA technology and molecular devices

Speakers confirmed
 - Björn Hamberger, KU-Life, Copenhagen University, Denmark
 - Jens Nielsen, Chalmers University, Sweden
 - Jette Thykær, DTU, Denmark
 - Jörg Stelling, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
 - Jørgen Kjems, Århus University, Denmark
 - Martin Fussenegger ETH Zürich, Switzerland
 - Nils Jakob Vest Hansen, Vipergen, Denmark
 - Peter Ulvskov, KU-Life, Copenhagen University, Denmark
 - Poul Erik Jensen, KU-Life, Copenhagen University, Denmark
 - Radha Krishnakumar, J. Craig Venter Institute, Maryland, USA
 - Steen Rasmussen, SDU, Denmark
 - Sven Panke ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Find more information and full program here