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05 May 2014

Synbio Phd Graduates - Where Are They Now?

A master in biochemistry and a PhD on sunlight driven enzymatic reactions got Kenneth Jensen a post doc at Novozymes in Bagsværd. Today he is a research scientist.

What was your PhD about?
I worked within UNIK Synthetic Biology with Professor Birger Lindberg Møller as my primary supervisor. My PhD project showed that it is possible to use the sunlighas an energy source to power an energy-intensive enzymatic reaction. Today the project is led
by Professor Poul Erik Jensen.
What were you planning on doing after completing your PhD?
I have a past as a laboratory technician at Novozymes and I
found out that I wanted deeper insight and understanding of what happened in the processes that we worked with. I decided to read biochemistry while working as a laboratory technician. Then a PhD became a natural extension of that.
It was the plan that I was going to Berkeley University in the U.S. and do a postdoc, but I was offered a postdoc at Novozymes before I got going and I took that job instead.
What kind of job do you have today?
After 2 years out of a 3-year postdoc, I was offered a permanent position at Novozymes, which was very attractive to me. Today I am a research scientist in the department Fungal Discovery in Research & Development at Novozymes, Bagsværd. Our primary function is the identification and characterization of new enzymes for both new and known uses.
And what's great about your job?
The great flexibility and many new projects. It provides a versatile working life when you have to acquire new knowledge fast. My daily tasks include everything from project-related work and technology development to guidance of graduate students and laboratory technicians.