1 April 2011

SB5.0: The Fifth International Meeting on Synthetic Biology June 15-17

The SBx.0 international conference series is the preeminent meeting in the field of Synthetic Biology. Started in 2004 with SB1.0 at MIT, the conference was envisioned as an event that would bring together the then-nascent community of biological engineers who were utilizing DNA to build biological systems and bringing engineering principles to bear on biological problems.

SB1.0 through SB4.0 have hosted over 1,500 researchers from more than 18 countries and have been held on 3 continents. In addition to presentations of cutting-edge biotechnologies, the meetings have included discussions to place the research within its current and future social context, including issues of biosafety, biosecurity, bioethics, and intellectual property.

Another unique feature of the conference series is that it brings together academic, government, and industrial researchers and students from a variety of disciplines, including engineering, molecular biology, computer science, biochemistry, biophysics, industrial biotechnology, biosecurity, environmental sciences, public policy and bioethics. This interdisciplinary gathering facilitates interactions between the researchers and others in support of the work and continues to build the community of biological engineers.

The Conference will be held from June 15-17.

Link to conference homepage: http://sb5.biobricks.org/