24 September 2012

The UNIK Korean Connection

INNOVATION  Researchers at Center for Synthetic Biology at University of Copenhagen have started a fruitful partnership with South Korean biotech firm SeouLin Bioscience Ltd. with the goal of marketing novel synthetic biology products.

The South Korean biotech industry anticipates a projected a growth of 35 % between 2010 and 2013. For a large part this is the result of the strong governmental support and increased international investments enjoyed by the Korean biotech sector.

The partnership between the Copenhagen-based scientists and the Korean biotech business centers around the development and production of novel biosensors based on the silver nanocluster microRNA sensing technology. The research groups of Associate Professors Tom Vosch and Seong Wook Yang, based at Department of Chemistry and at Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, respectively, are responsible for this innovative crossdisciplinary research facilitated by Center for Synthetic Biology. The present research project conducted by this diverse team of spectrometry experts and plant geneticists, has opened opportunities for developing e.g. novel methods for detecting entities that can cause disease. At University of Copenhagen, the partnership is rooted in Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences at the SCIENCE Faculty. 

SeouLin Bioscience Ltd. is an ideal partner for the scientists at University of Copenhagen, as the company holds strong expertise in many relevant fields, such as RNAi, cancer and stem cell technologies, next generation sequencing, disease biomarker screening and industry-scale bio-production. Furthermore, it is situated ideally in the Korea Bio Park on the outskirts of Seoul, in close proximity to many other relevant companies and research institutions. 

During his visit to University of Copenhagen, Korean Prime Minister, Mr. Hwang-Sik Kim met with Seong Wook Yang and pro-vice chancellor Thomas Bjørnholm, among others.

Visit the homepage of SeouLin Bioscience Ltd. here: http://www.seoulin.co.kr/eng/index.php

Read more about the research of the involved scientists at Center for Synthetic Biology here: https://synbio.ku.dk/news/silver_dna_fold/

Tom Vosch: https://synbio.ku.dk/research/researcher_profiles/tom_vosch/

Seong Wook Yang: https://synbio.ku.dk/research/researcher_profiles/seong_wook_yang/

Read more about the economic expectations for the Korean biotech industry here: http://www.rncos.com/Press_Releases/Korean-Biotech-Industry-Set-for-Incessant-Growth.htm