19 June 2014

Videnskab.dk: Can science be ascertained visually?

What do scientists and documentary filmmakers have in common – and can a visual approach to the scientific process open new doors to knowledge development? PhD student Allan Alfred Birkegaard Hansted reports from explorative workshop with participation from Center for Synthetic Biology.

PhD student Allan Alfred Birkegaard Hansted explores the possibility of integrating the communication process with documentary filmmakers; based on a workshop hosted by the Danish Filminstitute. Center for Synthetic Biology participated in the workshop.

Read the full article entitled “Can science be ascertained visually?” on Videnskab.dk here by Allan Alfred Birkegaard Hansted, Kristian Moltke Martiny and Christina Martiny Moltke (in Danish only).

In the article you will also find links to interviews with the participating scientists, among them Birger Lindberg Møller. 

Allan Alfred Birkegaard Hansted is currently working on his PhD wish is partly undertaken at Roskilde University and partly at Novoymes. As part of the PhD he is making a documentary film together with Katja Carlsen in which Birger Lindberg Møller is participating. It is entitled “Collaboration – on the edge of a new paradigm?

Collaboration - On the Edge of a New Paradigm. from Collaborative Society on Vimeo.