21 November 2016

New book on Science Communication

Culture, Identity and Citizenship

The book describes current practices in science communication, from citizen science to Twitter storms, celebrating the diversity through case studies and examples. The authors Prof. Horst and Davies reflect on how scholars and practitioners can gain better insight into science communication through new analytical methods and perspectives

From science PR to the role of embodiment and materiality, some aspects of science communication have been under-studied. How can we better notice these? 

  • Encourages discussion about the effectiveness of science communication 
  • Offers a synthesis of current research in Science Communication Studies and offers new directions for research 
  • Draws on examples from disciplines including science education, STS, museum studies, and media and communication studies.

Science Communication provides a new synthesis for Science Communication Studies. It uses the historical literature of the field, new empirical data, and interdisciplinary thought to argue that the frames which are typically used to think about science communication often omit important features of how it is imagined and practised. It is essential reading for students, scholars, and practitioners of science education, science and technology studies, museum studies, and media and communication studies.


Science Communication
Culture, Identity and Citizenship
Authors: Davies, Sarah R.Horst, Maja
Palgrave Macmillan, 2016

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