8 September 2014

New Nature publication from synbio scientists


Center for Synthetic Biology affiliated researchers have new publication out now in Nature Methods

PhD student and first author Signe Mathiasen and researchers Sune M Christensen, Søren G F Rasmussen & Dimitrios Stamou from Center for Synthetic Biology have a new paper out in the prestigious Nature Methods - co-authored by Nobel prize winner in chemistry Brian Kobilka

Nanoscale high-content analysis using compositional heterogeneities of single proteoliposomes

Abstract: Proteoliposome reconstitution is a standard method to stabilize purified transmembrane proteins in membranes for structural and functional assays. Here we quantified intrareconstitution heterogeneities in single proteoliposomes using fluorescence microscopy. Our results suggest that compositional heterogeneities can severely skew ensemble-average proteoliposome measurements but also enable ultraminiaturized high-content screens. We took advantage of this screening capability to map the oligomerization energy of the β2-adrenergic receptor using ~109-fold less protein than conventional assays.

Link to full text Nature Methods 11, 931–934 (2014) doi:10.1038/nmeth.3062

Link to news story at the Nano-Science Center homepage (in danish)