28 September 2016

Prof. Poul Erik Jensen group awarded VILLUM FONDEN research grant


Poul Erik Jensen group awarded VILLUM FONDEN research grant. The grant is aimed for 5 years and will be covering a project of design and exploration of novel electron transfer pathways.

Project title: Photosynthesis by designing and exploring novel electron transfer pathways

Grant amount: 5.1 M DKK 

Abstract: Photosynthesis, the process that convert water and carbon dioxide into organic matter using sunlight, can be improved if we 1) can redirect photosynthetic electron transport directly into novel electron- and carbon-dependent pathways, and 2) if we understand more about the inherent regulatory mechanisms and how they can be de-regulated in order to unlock the full potential of photosynthesis. This project will investigate this by generating unique engineered cyanobacterial strains in combination with regulatory mutants. The methodologies used include biochemical-, physiological- and spectroscopic approaches as well as systems biology in combination with modeling. The results will reveal how photosynthesis can be improved for increased productivity.

See the announcement on the VILLUM website