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22 October 2015

WORKSHOP: Open Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Center for Synbio Law Researcher Jakob Wested has been invited to give a talk entitled "Open Innovation & Business Models, IPR Strategies in Open Innovation" at an event focusing on Open innovation".

The pharmaceutical industry is under pressure for delivering new products to the market, and the current innovation model is challenged. Open innovation as applied in software development, within non-profit organisations, start-up companies and even within big companies, provides a very fast alternative to how products are developed and brought to the market. 

But there are many barriers for open innovation, some are fear, misunderstanding and a “not-invented-here” mindset. This event want’s to overcome these barriers, by bringing academia, industry and communities across life science together, we take a small step to accelerate innovation. Join us for an evening where we peek into the future, and discuss the positive and potential negative consequences of open innovation.

November 19th
COBIS, Ole Måløes Vej 3, 2200 København
Organizer: REBBLS

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