6 March 2015

New grants in the Center


Several center affiliates have received new funding for equipment, projects and stipends

Congratulations to all successful grant receivers in recent rounds

  • Maéva Vignes received a 2 years Marie Sklodowska-Curie individual fellowship (from the European Commission) to work in the group of Karen Martinez on the NanoSyNNets project at the Nano Science Center
  • Kell Mortensen (together with DTU Chem.Eng.) received 6.287.000 DKK from The Danish Council for Independent Research, FTP, for the project Photodeformable Polymers – Start 2015
  • Kell Mortensen received 4.000.000 DKK from the National Committee for Research Infrastructure, NUFI, for 2015 together with all X-ray and Neutron users in Denmark, DANSCATT
  • Johan Andersen-Ranberg received a 3 year postdoc stipend from The Danish Council for Independent Research, FTP, for going to Berkeley with his project CaroAlgae - Production of carotenoids in alga