23 January 2013

EXHIBITION: on Biohacking Opening at Medical Museion

Promotion video for the exhibition by Sara Krugman. 

Come by and get first hand experience with biohacking equipment in the do-it-yourself biohacker lab that has been built in the museum! The exhibition which opens on Thursday January 24th at 7.30 pm showcases the promises of biohacking and synthetic biology. Center for Synthetic Biology is among the contributors to the exhibition. 

All are welcome at the opening which will feature short talks by the makers of the exhibition - biohackers, representatives from Medical Museion, and Center for Synthetic biology. In the biohacker spirit, cans of beer, home-brewed fizzy drinks, and snacks will be served. 

During the exhibition period, the exhibited biohacker lab will be used for a series of workshops on Do-It-Yourself biology (DIYbio). The exhibition will be concluded by a symposium on synthetic biology and biohacking on the 21st of March. 

Read more about the symposium here:

Read about the workshops and the exhibition here: 

Visit the homepages of the Copenhagen biohacker association BiologiGaragen, and the hackerspace Labitat that it is a part of: