28 August 2014

Congratulations to 2 new synbio graduates

Yesterday Anna Holzwarth was awarded her Master title for the defence of her MSc thesis entitled "Investigating the sub-plastidial localization of diterpene synthases inside the chloroplast".

Anna answers questions from censor Kåre Lehmann Nielsen from Ålborg University                                                                                                                                                             Dainius Jakubauskas was also awarded his degree for his MSc thesis "Combining parts: Fusing ferredoxin to cytochrome P450" censored by Peter Christensen from Århus University.

The students of both projects were supervised by Agnieszka Zygadlo Nielsen and Poul Erik Jensen.

Both Master projects focus on parts of the larger Light Driven Synthesis Project of Center for Synthetic Biology and the Plant Power Project