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09 July 2012

Knud J. Jensen receives international accolade

European champion on the boundary between chemistry and biology

Knud J. Jensen is a researcher in Nanobioscience, a field researching on the borders between the fields of chemistry and biology. He has specialized in using chemistry methods to make synthetic versions of nature’s own proteins and peptides. It is a promising field that is expected to produce pharmaceutical breakthroughs.

While the award will not bring great riches, Professor Jensen is excited about the award itself. “There is a very small check, but an enormous honour that comes with the Zervas Award,” explains Jensen. 

The Award will be presented on Sunday, 2 September at the opening ceremony of the 32nd European Peptide Symposium in Athens. It marks the second time in the Award’s 25-year history that a Dane is the recipient of the Zervas Award.