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01 November 2013

Synbio Law Researcher to Talk at Biannual Event

PhD fellow and member of the bioSYNergy Research Committee Jakob Wested is giving a talk on his research at the "CIIR Update" event.

Title (talk in Danish): Law On Thin Ice? Open Innovation and New Technologies

Date: Wednesday 6th November
Time: 3.40 pm.
Place: The Cantine, Studiestræde 6, 3rd floor.


Open Innovation is an umbrella term that covers several methods for enterprises to make use of external resources. E.g. development collaborations with suppliers, clients or competitors. Synthetic biology - one of the 21st century's new technological hotbeds - has to a large degree embraced the message of openness, partly inspired by the open source community but also inspired by the lessons learned with large, crossdisciplinary research projects such as The Human Genome Project. Using synthetic biology as example, this talk will attempt to shed light on what open innovation is, what open innovation is capable of, and what the legal implications are of open innovation.

View the programme of the day and read the Danish abstract here