27 September 2016

Sune Holm in 'Ingeniøren' on Synbio ethics

In the Media:

As an emerging technology that uses DNA-modifying techniques, Synthetic Biology raises bioethical questions that must be adressed and asessed continuously. In Ingeniøren, Sune Holm considers some of the ethical implications of using synthetic biology.

Read the full articles here (in danish only):

Bioetikerne har fået travlt: Er det moralsk korrekt at skabe kunstigt liv?

Da biologi blev en ingeniørdisciplin

In the articles Sune Holms underlines that synthetic biology has powerfull potential that can be used positively as well as for unwanted ventures, as e.g. bioterror. He states that:

"If we get such refined techniques to change nature, it will also become easier for others to do stupid things."

"On the other hand, synthetic biology can also help us become better at things: Right now synthetic biologists at University of Copenhagen have succeeded in getting algae to produce valuable and inaccessible compounds that can be used in cancer treatments."

Sune Holm also points to the fact that design of living organisms always will be associated with unpredictability:

"In a closed system it might be possible to see synthetic biology as a straight-forward ingeneering discipline, but apart from that, it might be a little exagerated when som biologists compare Craig Venter's methods to the construction of a computer."


Synbio September in Ingeniøren

Several articles focused on aspects of synthetic biology in Ingeniøren in September:

Gensaks giver studerende mulighed for at gøre store opdagelser

Nye teknologier gør biologi til en ingeniørdisciplin

Bioetikerne har fået travlt: Er det moralsk korrekt at skabe kunstigt liv?  

Da biologi blev en ingeniørdisciplin