30 December 2014

From BioBricks to iBricks


The BioBricks standard was originally introduced in 2003

The BioBricksTM standard was originally introduced by Knight et al. in 2003. Since its birth, many efforts have been made to improve the original standard by participants around the world.

In this article Why the iBrick Standard? Jin Wang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai discusses his group’s recently published work – toward developing the iBrick standard, designed to update and improve the original BioBrick.
One of the key features of the iBrick standard is a reduced number of restriction sites, which saves researchers the time and resources needed to remove them.

Full article in PLOS SynBio here ..>

The iBrick team, from left to right: Jia-Kun Liu, Jin Wang, Guo-Ping Zhao and Shuang-Xi Ren; Dr. Wei-Hua Chen is now working as a postdoc in Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond)

Link to original paper:
iBrick: A New Standard for Iterative Assembly of Biological Parts with Homing Endonucleases, Jia-Kun Liu, Wei-Hua Chen, Shuang-Xi Ren, Guo-Ping Zhao, Jin Wang. PLOS ONE October 2014.