5 November 2015

PUBLICATION: Grafted Biomembranes Containing Membrane Proteins

Jagalski, V., Barker, R., Thygesen, M.B., Gotfryd, K., Kruger, M., Shi, L., Maric, S., Bovet, N., Moulin, M., Haertlein, M., Gunther Pomorski, T., Loland, C.J. and Cardenas, M.  Grafted Biomembranes Containing Membrane Proteins - The Case for the Leucine Transporter. Soft Matter 11, 7707-7711 doi: 10.1039/C5SM01490E (2015) 

Here, we bind the sodium dependent amino acid transporter on nitrilotriacetic acid/polyethylene glycol functionalized gold sensors in detergents and perform a detergent–lipid exchange with phosphatidylcholine. We characterize the LeuT structure in the adsorbed film by magnetic contrast neutron reflection using the predicted model from molecular dynamic simulations. 

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