2 October 2012

SEMINAR: Who is Responsible for the Social Responsibility?

PhD fellow Cecilie Glerup

Department of Organization
Copenhagen Business School

Date: Thursday 25th of October

Time: 11.00-12.00

Place: H-117-2 & K-117-3

As part of my PhD project on how scientists make sense of political demands for enhanced social responsibility, I have conducted a field study at the Department of Plant and Environmental Science at LIFE/SCIENCE. In this presentation, I will show some of my key findings for you and compare them with findings from my other field study in USA. The presentation will highlight how ideas about "scientific responsibility" at the same time are denied, ridiculed and praised at LIFE.  Furthermore it will be discussed how ideas about responsibility seem to be connected to both a professional identity as "a scientist", to a specific Northern European way of thinking about responsibility and to funding strategies.The presentation is meant as a point of departure for discussions about biotech scientists'­ and the Department of Plant and Environmental Science - role in society and will involve active participation from the attendants.