14 June 2012

DIY-bio: Download Free Genome Compiler

The DIY-bio movement has taken another step towards giving biotechnology back to the people: Free, downloadable Genome Compiler software that makes it easy for anyone to pick and choose any number of genes and compile them into a - theoretically - functional genome. Furthermore, the program helps you to order the desired DNA-sequences from various providers, so you will be ready to program your very own cell in no time. 

But should this spreading of synthetic biology techniques to the general public be a cause of alarm? - "No", says Professor Birger Lindberg Møller, "These DIY-science environments hold great potential as flowerbeds for groundbreaking innovation and will be crucial in engaging the general public in scientific questions and enlightened ethical debates. But it is necessary that experts in the field act as mentors to the DIY-scientists, to avoid any misuse of the technology". 

Future-Tech journalist Rolf Ask Clausen has conveyed the news on his blog page.

The Genome Compiler software can be downloaded here.