27 November 2013

High School Student Awarded Prize for Synbio Project

A young high school student has been awarded this years "forskerspire" ("researcher sprout") science award for his synthetic biology project done at Center for Synthetic Biology. Awarded to the most original research project done by a high school students, this award is given to the brightest minds among Danish high school students.

The high school student from Roskilde Gymnasium Alexander T. Kristensson did his synthetic biology project entitled "Genetical manipulation of Arabidopsis for production of long-chained alcohols" in the lab of Professor Poul Erik Jensen at Center for Synthetic Biology and Department for Plant and Environmental Sciences.

One award was given to selected high school projects in science, humanities, social sciences and health sciences, respectively. The awards are funded by two Danish ministries: that of science, innovation and higher education; and that of children and teaching.

Minister of Science, Innovation and Higher Education Morten Østergaard gave this speech to the young award recipients: http://fivu.dk/minister-og-ministerium/ministeren/taler/2013/keglesnitsbroker-og-unge-der-tager-forskud-pa-fremtiden

Read about Alexander T. Kristensson's project here: https://forskerspirer.ku.dk/arkiv/2013/synopser/NAT_Alexander_Taangberg_Kristensson.pdf/

Read more about all four winners and their projects here: https://nyheder.ku.dk/alle_nyheder/2013/2013.11/forskerspirer_2013/

Read about Professor Poul Erik Jensen's research here: https://synbio.ku.dk/research/researcher_profiles/poul_erik_jensen