23 March 2017

Basic and applied research hand in hand

ERC 10th Anniversary

Prof. Birger Lindberg Møller is one of the few to receive an ERC Advanced Grant and a Proof-of-concept grant to develop and commercialize ideas arising from the Advanced Grant.

On March 16th 2017 Prof. Birger Lindberg Møller, director of Center for Synthetic Biology, attended the 10th anniversary symposium for the European Research Council, ERC, with other recipients of Advanced grants. 

Light-driven Chemical Synthesis Using Cytochrome P450s
The ERC project is entitled 'Light-driven Chemical Synthesis Using Cytochrome P450s' and is focused on basic research in photosynthesis and bio-active natural products. Pilotprodution of highly valued medical drugs is now made possible. Production takes place in cyanobacteria grown in plastic bags with sunlight as an energy source and use of atmospheric carbon dioxide as the sole carbon source. Description of the project can be found here ...>

About the two grants Birger Lindberg Møller says:
"Overall, the two grants support the whole chain from basic research to product, which is the hallmark of Plant Biochemistry Laboratory. Receiving the two prestigious ERC grants, have opened many doors to external partners. Among other things, the ERC has invited me to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos to give a lecture, which was very rewarding."

Read more about the ERC 10th anniversary here (in Danish) ...>