10 December 2014

DIY science labs take off

The DIY biology movement

A movement is growing; nonprofit community laboratories set up for people to talk about science, and conduct experiments on their own

The growing interest for biohacking is featured in a recent news story from the US based broadcasting company ABC7 News.

The story covers the story of the comminuty lab BioCurious in an interview with one of the cofounders Tito Jankowski.

There are now more than two dozen similar spaces around the world, including London, Paris and New York. Roughly half of these new community labs are in the United States.

Jankowski said, "The idea is, if you're a scientist and you get this really amazing idea, the normal process is that you have to raise a bunch of money. You have to patent your idea, then you have to negotiate with your university, your company to take that idea and continue to work with it."

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BioCurious in Twitter https://twitter.com/biocuriouslab