11 February 2013

International Algae Conference on Innovative Sequestration and Biological Production.


Date: 10th and 11th of June 2013 12h00-12h00 

Place: Denmark: Hotel Maribo Søpark, 4930 Maribo, Lolland

PLEASE NOTE New Registration Deadline : 15 May 2013

About the Algae Innovation Center

Algae Innovation Center (AIC) Lolland commenced in 2010 as a project between Green Center,  Roskilde University and Aalborg University with the aim of identifying and researching the  potentials of using macro- and microalgae to find solutions for environmental and energy challenges in our modern society. 

There is no doubt that algae research and innovation is on the 
way to bringing valuable solutions to our society, improving our environment and creating new  fields of employment. 

In his closing speech at the international conference “Wind Sea & Algae” in 2009, an invitation was extended to the international participants by Mayor Stig Vestergaard to return to Lolland to  compare and share the progress that has been made in algae technology around the world. 

About the Conference
After two years of research and testing we are proud to be able to present our local and regional results, alongside others from the rest of Denmark and around the world in this 2 day conference, where we will compare and discuss our findings with those from our invited speakers and the floor.

Head of Center for Synthetic Biology, Birger Lindberg Møller, will deliver an opening speech at the conference, Monday 10th of June.

Click here to read more about the conference including the preliminary program.

if you would like to contribute with a presentation or a poster of your work with related topics, please send a short abstract to Hilary Karlson on hlk@greencenter.dk with your contact details by May 15th 2013. Any queries regarding the practicalities of the conference are welcomed at the same address. 

Registration is now open: please fill out this registration form and send to  hlk@greencenter.dk

Deadline for registration is May 22th 2013. There is no participation fee, but a penalty of 1500DKK/250€ will be charged in case of “no show”.

Rooms at 450DKK pr. person pr. night can be reserved directly with Hotel Maribo Soepark; Stefanie sk@maribo-soepark.dk – reference: GREEN CENTER.