20 February 2015

Collaboration – On the Edge of a New Paradigm?


The movie is produced and directed by Alfred Birkegaard and Katja Gry Birkegaard Carlsen

A new culture of learning is together with the Internet pushing the boundaries of research and knowledge creation.
On a journey from Danish biology garages to Google's headquarters, this film explores how the Internet is changing the ways in which we do science and create knowledge. 

Collaboration - A documentary from Collaborative Society on Vimeo.

'Collaboration - On the Edge of a New Paradigm?' explains the philosophical and scientific development from the idea of the isolated geniuses or science created in isolated paradigms, to how interdisciplinary collaboration seems to be a requirement to face the grand challenges of todays society . The documentary ask the essential question: Are we on the threshold of a revolutionary paradigm shift? Get these insights yourself from some of the leadings minds of modern research.

The film is an experiment in collaboration and created as part of Alfred’s Birkegaard’s PhD in Philosophy.

The cast includes: Vint Cerf, Elizabeth Stark, Douglas Thomas, Hubert Dreyfus, Terry Winograd, Howard Rheingold, Heather Heino, Joseph Jackson, Cameron Neylon, Hugh Rheinhoff, Malthe Borch, Gernot J. Abel, Ejner B. Jensen, Eddan Katz and our very own Birger Lindberg Møller, Head of Center for Synthetic Biology

The Carlsberg Foundation has also supported the movie and has an article (in Danish) about it on their homepage ...>