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05 September 2012

Science Dating with China

To expand its scientific network and to remain updated on new Chinese research talent, the Center for Synthetic Biology is now collaborating with Innovation Center Denmark in Shanghai on a pilot project for evidence based scientific matchmaking. 

300%. That is the rate at which the number of Chinese publications within genetics and molecular biology has grown when comparing the period 1999-2004 with 2004-2008. These disciplines are cornerstones within synthetic biology, and China is also witnessing an emergence of this young scientific area. The researchers at Center for Synthetic Biology are maintaining strong connections to Chinese researchers within their field. To locate new potential collaborators the Center has been chosen by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Innovation Center in Shanghai to collaborate with them in testing and evaluating a scientific matchmaking method that they have set up. 

The goal of the method is to identify researchers from relevant fields according to their quality of science. This is done by tracing which scientists and institutions receive the largest sums research grants in competition, based on science quality as the primary evaluation criterium. These data are correlated with the amount of international research funding received by the scientists, as well as their publications/citations and patents. 

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs show great foresight in setting up this pilot project, as it most likely will become a strong tool for Danish scientists who are trying to locate  Chinese colleagues for future collaborations. The Center for Synthetic Biology greatly appreciate having been chosen for this first attempt at systematic evidence based scientific matchmaking. On a short term, the matchmaking method will be particularly useful for selecting Chinese speakers to be invited to the Cold Spring Harbor Asia Synthetic Biology Conference, which Head of Center for Synthetic Biology Birger Lindberg Møller is co-organizing. 

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