23 October 2013

Synthetic Biology Feature Article in Danish Newspaper Børsen

For the Danish food industry to withstand global competition, more animals and higher harvest yields are not feasible. Instead, focus should be put on developing synthetic biology technologies for production of high value compounds within the strong Danish biotech sector. This is the main message of the feature article written by Research Coordinator Nanna Heinz and the Director of the Center for Synthetic Biology, Professor Birger Lindberg Møller, both based at Dpt. of Plant and Environmental Sciences..

The article emphasizes that the aim of a transition towards a sustainable, biobased society requires a strong coupling between strong research and a healthy commercial ecosystem. Synthetic biology is a technology that will be able to support this aim, both with regards to new products and future job creation in Denmark.

With the Center for Synthetic Biology, the building blocks of nature are being re-engineered in new ways through the combined forces of molecular plant biotech, nanotech, pharmacology and biophysics. The article presents examples of what these combined expertises can be used for:

"Tailor-made plant cells can be used for large scale production of high-value compounds such as food ingredients, e.g. plant derived aroma compounds and colorants. In algae farms driven by sun light and CO2 medical compounds and industrial enzymes can be produced." 

The article stresses that the industry is showing great interest in synthetic biology. This reflects the globally leading competences within Danish companies such as Chr. Hansen, CP Kelco and Novozymes as well as smaller, innovative companies such as Evolva.

The article is only available in its entirety for Børsen-customers. If you would like more information about the article, please contact epolny@life.ku.dk