28 November 2011

10 day synthetic biology course - Center for Bioimaging Studies, Germany

The Center for Bioimaging studies, Freiburg, Germany, is offering a 10 day introduction to synthetic biology course. 12-23rd March 2012.

The course is designed for PhD students and young Postdocs.

This course will provide a comprehensive introduction to Synthetic Biology, a rapidly expanding discipline at the borderline between life sciences and engineering. The participants will become familiar with the key concepts of Synthetic Biology, of how biologic systems with desired properties can be constructed in a rational and predictive way. At the example of synthetic genetic networks and signaling cascades, the participants will design their own synthetic biologic system and subsequently implement and analyze it in cell-free systems as well as in higher eukaryotic backgrounds like mammalian and insect cell culture. The profound theoretical and practical background on Synthetic Biology concepts will be complemented by lectures from external specialists providing an overview of how such synthetic approaches can provide novel solutions to imminent challenges in the health and environmental sector.