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28 January 2013

Article on Biohacker Exhibition in Engineer's Newspaper Ingeniøren


Biohacker Rüdiger Trojok performs DNA extraction from onions using kitchen table ingredients at the Biohacker: Do It Yourself! exhibition at Medical Museion. Photo copyright: Martin Malthe Borch and Medical Museion

The current biohacker exhibition at Medical Museion is the focus of a new article in the Danish engineer's newspaper, Ingeniøren. Center for Synthetic Biology was a part of the collaborating team behind the exhibition and the symposium concluding the exhibition on the 21st of March. 


The exhibition includes a fully equipped biohacker lab that has been built inside Medical Museion, the medical historical museum of Copenhagen. The workshops organized as part of the exhibition will give everyone the opportunity to get first hand experience with biohacking equipment and an introduction to the biohacker philosophy. The promises of both biohacking and synthetic biology will be debated in a final symposium taking place on the 21st of March. 

In the article in Ingeniøren, Associate Professor Karin Tybjerg explains why the museum got interested in the DIY movement and biohacking in particular: 

"The movement is about bringing biology to the people and disseminate practical knowledge about biology. One may say that the DIY-movement is creating a democratizing science base outside universities and industry laboratories, where science can be inaccessible for laymen." 

The biohackers organizing the exhibition and the workshops are from BiologiGaragen -the biology group within the Copenhagen hackerspace Labitat - and from the european DIYbio-organization Hacteria. 

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