17 February 2017



An audio diary research project about the social sides of synthetic biology

AURATOR is now out there for people to explore. An audio diary research project about the social sides of synthetic biology created by Britt Wray, PhD student at Center for Synthetic Biology.

So, what is AURATOR?

Aurator is a platform for listening and speaking back to the private thoughts and feelings of people who work in controversial fields. This edition of Aurator focuses on synthetic biology, and invites you to explore the audio diaries of a natural scientist, a social scientist, an artist, a biohacker, an entrepreneur, a watchdog, and a bioethicist who have worked extensively in the field of synthetic biology. Once a week for 12 weeks Britt Wray gave the participants questions to reflect on and answer on audio recorders.

A growing archive of personal diaries about synbio

The project is an interactive platform where everyone can share their expertise and opinions about synthetic biology. Visitors to the project page can record and add their thoughts to the collective in response to the dairies.

Some prominent voices in the synthetic biology landscape have shared their voices in the audio diaries: biohacker Josiah Zayner of The Odin, watchdog Jim Thomas of the ETC Group, artist Oron Catts of SymbioticA and former scientist at Center for Synthetic Biology, Johan Andersen-Ranberg.

AURATOR can be explored by visiting www.aurator.org

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