8 December 2014

New movie about Center for Synthetic Biology

Plant pathway discovery

We were given the opportunity to present our work in plant based synthetic biology in a movie by the American Society for Cell Biology.

ASCB TV WebsEdge contacted us to create a short documentary about the work we do at Center for Synthetic Biology with plants. The whole movie was shot in one day at the Department for Plant and Environmental Sciences, one of the six departments comprising the Center for Synthetic Biology.

The movie premiered at The American Society for Cell Biology Congress 2014 in Philadelphia, US on December 6th and is now also available on

The focus areas of the movie is plant pathway discoveries and inter-disciplinary research. Featured in the movie is Head of the Center Prof. Birger Lindberg Møller along with post-doctororal researchers Irini Pateraki, Agnieszka Zygadlo Nielsen, Johan Andersen-Ranberg, Tomas Laursen, Krutika Bavishi, Nethaji Gallage, Elizabeth Neilson and research coordinator Nanna Heinz

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Category: Statistics, Marketing