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05 May 2017

ARTiS Science visualization contest

ARTiS - Art in science 2017

Share your beautiful data. A science visualization contest arranged by Ass. professor Karen Martinez from the Nanoscience Centre

Days, months, and years in the laboratory renders scientists numb to the unique beauty hidden in plain view in their daily research. And when we grow up we sometimes forget the magic of science in our daily lives. However, the 2016 ARTiS competition showed that beautiful science resides in the laboratory, in nature, and even in the kitchen!

Did your data points form a painting worthy of a Jackson Pollock?
Do your expedition images look like National Geographic's?
Does your crystallography resemble the cubist works of George Braque?

Building on the success of 2016, the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of SCIENCE opens the Art in Science (ARTiS) competition for 2017. It invites everyone- from school students, to chefs, to scientists, to find the artistic science in their lives to submit their entries.

Winners are determined by votes from the public over several social media platforms and by a panel of judges. Prizes will be awarded in several categories, including Young ART-Scientists, aimed at high-school students, in an effort to encourage the next generation of scientists. There is also a prize for the most humorous entry, and also for the best figure caption! So if you want to submit your entries, visit artis.ku.dkfor more details and inspiration.
Ass. Prof. Karen Martinez from the Nanoscience Center is behind the ARTiS initiative.

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