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13 October 2016

ARTiS 2016 - Art in Science

science visualizations

Is your science beautiful? Faculty of Science at University of Copenhagen launched a photo contest of science pictures

ARTiS - Art in Science, is Copenhagen University’s new picture contest aimed at finding the most beautiful images from the world of science. 

Scientist and students from institutions around the world are invited to share their most beautiful images, and for the first time, the contributions will be publicly exhibited in the stunning rooms of the old university. Get ready to shake the idea of science as grey and dull, as we show you data points that compose paintings worthy of Jackson Pollock; expedition images deserving of National Geographic; crystallography easily mistaken for the cubist works of George Braque and brilliantly fluorescing cells forming abstract paintings the likes of Asger Jorn. Come with us on a journey into the Art in Science!

Exhibition at the Copenhagen Culture Night October 14, 2016 from 18-23. Link here...> Free Entrance for UCPH students and employess. Otherwise Kulturnatpas

Exhibition and award ceremony for best pictures November 4, 2016 at 16:00 at the HC Ørsted Institute. Link here ...>

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