Tomas Laursen – University of Copenhagen

Tomas Laursen


Cyanogenic glucosides group
Section for Plant Biochemitry
Department for Plant and Environmental Sciences
Faculty of Science 

Current research

Research: I am studying the organization of biosynthetic enzymes in efficient complexes termed metabolons. Metabolon assembly facilitates substrate channeling and enables metabolic plasticity in response to environmental challenges by re-organization of biosynthetic enzymes. In order to study membrane associated enzyme complexes I have developed a detergent free approach for isolation of intact metabolons. I am especially interested in elucidating the fundamental mechanisms governing metabolon assembly and factors stimulating their stability. In order to study this I will employ High Resolution Cryo Electron Microscopy and Native Mass spectrometry to identify key enzymes and lipids involved in stabilization and obtain the structure of the different metabolon configurations giving rise to the metabolic plasticity.