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Tom Vosch

Associate Professor

Tom Vosch

The NanoSpectroscopy Group
Nano Science Center
Department of Chemistry
Faculty of Science

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Tom Vosch's group is setting up single molecule fluorescence and new high resolution fluorescence microscopy techniques that will allow them to continue the development of new noble metal cluster fluorophores and their applications for microscopy.

During my PhD, I developed a state of the art setup for studying single molecule fluorescence with a confocal microscope. In addition I discovered a bright near IR emitting silver cluster DNA complex that can be used as a fluorescent single molecule label. This can be used as bright water soluble dyes for in vivo imaging.

Inspired by the work on the photostable and bright DNA/silver clusters I initiated a new field of research, where silver clusters were created in microporous materials like zeolites. Beside the potential use as biolabels, local irradiation with UV light on larger silver exchanged zeolites (micrometer range) introduces a local increase in the emission intensity. Based on the silver exchanged zeolites unique properties, 4 patents were granted related to energy conversion, LED and solar cell applications and data storage.

Recently, I have started collaboration with Prof. Seong Wook Yang, in developing silver cluster probes for detecting microRNA (miRNAs), RNA and DNA fragments. This detailed understanding of the chemical and biological mechanisms of miRNA detection is a prerequisite for further method development. Our research mainly focuses on plant miRNA detection as a model system but the method can be applied in medical research and clinical diagnosis.

Figure: A) Sequences of the DNA-12nt-RED-160 probe and 4 miRNA targets: RNA-miR160, RNA-miR166, RNA-miR172 and RNA-RY-1. B) Emission spectra (excited at 560 nm) of 1.5 μM DNA-12nt-RED-160 probe (black curve) and mixtures of 1.5 μM DNA-12nt-RED-160 probe with 0.5 μM of RNA-miR160 target (red curve), RNA-miR163 target (blue curve), RNA-miR166 target (green curve), RNA-mir172 target (pink curve) and RNA-RY-1 target (brown curve). C) I0/I values of the fluorescence intensity of the AgNC when adding 0.5 μM of the target miRNA sequences to 1.5 μM of DNA-12nt-RED-160 probe. The values are the average of 3 measurements each.

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2010-present Associate Professor, NanoScienceCenter/ Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen.
2008-2010 Post-doctoral fellowship from F.W.O. (Fund for Scientific Research Flanders-Belgium) second term, Belgium.
2005-2008 Post-doctoral fellowship from F.W.O. (Fund for Scientific Research Flanders-Belgium) first term, U.S.A./Belgium.
2005-2007 Post-doctoral fellow at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, U.S.A.
2004 P.D.M. post-doctoral fellowship from the K.U. Leuven, Belgium.
2003 PhD obtained at K.U. Leuven, Belgium

Collaborations within the Center for Synthetic Biology
Seong Wook Yang
Knud J. Jensen 
Simon Gregersen (PhD)
Claus Juul Løland
Liao Zhiyu (PhD)
Birger Linberg Møller 

Selected Scientific Publications

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