UNIK – University of Copenhagen


A Pioneering Synthetic Biology Initiative

Being the first synthetic biology research undertaking of its magnitude in Europe, the UNIK Synthetic Biology initiative has paved the way for synthetic biology as a research field to be successfully established at University of Copenhagen. Due to its crossdisciplinary approach, UNIK Synthetic Biology involves a diverse set of research projects aiming at producing e.g. biochemicals, energy, personalized medicine, biomaterials, and bionanoelectronics for novel diagnostic and biosensing tools.

The participating scientific research groups take their starting point in studying biological membranes and in particular the membrane bound proteins that are responsible for the essential processes of life: from photosynthesis in plants to the transportation of dopamine across membranes in the brain. In addition to the health, natural, and life sciences research conducted within UNIK Synthetic Biology, an important part of the UNIK project is to clarify the philosophical and ethical aspects of synthetic biology.

The participants in the UNIK initiative are involved in one of the crossdisciplinary collaborative workgroups, on which the crossdisciplinary research is based. Read more about these by clicking the boxes below.

 Crossdisciplinary Workgroups

Lightdriven Biosynthesis

Protein Reconstitution

Foundational Technologies