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Center for Synthetic Biology Newsletter December 2012

Center for Synthetic Biology Newsletter December 2012


Danish synthetic biology at the forefront in China

When the prestigious conference Cold Spring Harbour Asia opened its doors in Monday, a strong team of researchers from UNIK Centre for Synthetic Biology was represented at the podium. 

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Head of Center, Professor Birger Lindberg Møller, receives the covetable ERC Advanced Grant of 2,5 mio €. 
The money will be used for supporting the "Lightdriven" project with the goal of developing plant cells for sustainable production of anything from cancer medicine to raw materials, which are currently produced based on oil. The project is a part of Center for Synthetic Biology. 

Further information will be available through this link from Tuesday December 4th onward. 

2012 Nobel Laureate Lecture: Prof. Brian Kobilka

Member of Center for Synthetic Biology's Scientific Advisory Board and winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Professor Brian K. Kobilka of Stanford University, will give a lecture at University of Copenhagen's Panum Institute on December 13.

Read more about the event here. 


Upcoming Events

12th December 2012: Cross-network conference 'Viden i Netværk', hosted by with lecture by Birger Lindberg Møller

13th December 2012: 2012 Nobel Laureate Lecture at Panum Institute: Prof. Brian K. Kobilka

20th December 2012: "Structure and Dynamics of the Beta2 Adrenergic Receptor". A lecture by Assistant Professor Søren G.F. Rasmussen


Synbio in the media, the Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Danish Agency for Research and Innovation report on Center for Synthetic Biology's participation in Cold Spring Harbor Asia conference.

Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Danish Agency for Research and Innovation 


Past Events

23rd November 2012: SEMINAR by Prof. Iftach Yacoby of Tel Aviv University:
"Synthetic biology tools for engineering hydrogen producing algae"

Read more about the seminar here

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