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Center for Synthetic Biology Newsletter December 2014

Newsletter December 2014


The focus areas of the movie are plant pathway discoveries and inter-disciplinary research. 

New movie about Center for Synthetic Biology

ASCB TV WebsEdge contacted us to create a short documentary about the work we do at Center for Synthetic Biology with plants.

The movie premiered at The American Society for Cell Biology Congress 2014 in Philadelphia, US and is now also available on Youtube here ..>

Prof. Maja Horst, appointed member of's Advisory Board

The advisory board will advise and be ambassadors for the Danish popular science news website.

Latest Publication List and  Impact Factor Figure

The Center's scientists have published over 310 articles since 2009.

More than 40% of articles were published in journals with >5 impact factor (IF).
18% of these in very high-impact journals of above 10 IF.
Publications each year in the     absolute highest IF of >35. 

Grand Opportunities explored at Synbio Conference at UC Berkeley

Collaboration and knowledge sharing across scientific fields and between science and industry were in focus at the 3-day conference with the aim of optimizing and speeding up societal implementation.

Read more here

Reuters Filming at Center

A film crew from Reuters Innovations Service visitedDepartment of Plant and Environmental Sciences to report on 3 exciting areas of synthetic biology and plant plasticity:

1. Light driven synthesis of anti-cancer diterpenoid drugs 
2. The secrets of vanilla
3. Koalas: A new indicator species and gate-way to ground breaking knowledge

Meet the Center's Newest Phd Student

We welcome Britt Wray to Center for Synthetic Biology, Department Media, Cognition and Comm.

Her Phd wil focus on developing new methods for interdisciplinary communication and public engagement with synthetic biology, using her experience in art and radio.

Watch her Ted talk here


New Publications

Shedding Light on Protein Folding, Structural and Functional Dynamics by Single Molecule Studies.

Krutika Bavishi and Nikos Hatzakis. 

Molecules 2014, 19(12), 19407-19434;


Holm, S. HDisease, Dysfunction, and Synthetic Biology Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 39 (4): 329-345 (2014)

Pardon E., Laeremans T., Triest S., Rasmussen S.G.F., Wohlkonig A., Ruf A., Muyldermans S., Hol W., Kobilks B.K., Steyaert J. A General Protocol for Generation of Nanobodies for Structural Biology. Nature Protocols  9:674-693 (2014) 

I. Pateraki, J. Andersen-Ranberg, B. Hamberger, A.M. Heskes, H. Juel Martens, P. Zerbe, S. Spanner Bach, B.L. Møller, J.Bohlmann, and B. Hamberger Manoyl oxide (13R), the biosynthetic precursor of forskolin, is synthesized in specialized root cork cells in Coleus forskohlii. Plant Physiology 164(3):1222-36 (2014)

Tomas Laursen, Birger Lindberg Møller and Jean-Etienne Bassard Plasticity of specialized metabolism as mediated by dynamic metabolons. Trends in Plant Science. Available online 27 November 2014

In the Media

Ansvarlig forskning og innovation – hvad er det?
(Eng: Responsible Research and Innovation - What is it?)

by David Budtz Pedersen
11th December 2014

David Budtz Pedersen, postdoc, has written a piece about Responsible Research and Innovation, and what those terms actually mean

Kreftsmedisin fra planter
(Eng: Cancer Drugs from Plants)

Norwegian National Radio
Program: Ekko - a current society show
17th November 2014

Birger Lindberg Møller discusses the medical potenital of synthetic biology, as well as the Center's collaboration with citizen scientists

Førende professor syntesebiologi: Vi er så afhængige af dygtige humanister
(Eng: Leading Professor: We are so dependent on skilled humanists")

by Birger Lindberg Møller
Universitets Avisen
November 11th 2014

Biology garages and edupunks at documentary festival

By Martina Zamboni
University Post
November 2014

A discussion of the benefits of open science between Universities and citizen scientisis portrayed in documentary about collaborative science, at CPH:DOX.

Featuring  scientists from the Center for Synthetic Biology

Ny nano-viden kan give bedre medicin
(Eng: New nano research could deliver better medicine)

By Kristian Sørensen
Jyllands Posten

Contact: Dimitrios Stamou

Piloter viser potentiale
(Eng: Pilots show potential)

by Felix Bekkersgaard Stark
DI Business

Professor MSO Lise Arleth explains what the new supermicroscope, ESS, will help to uncover and make visible, and what companies can gain from it

Contact: Lise Arleth

Dansk forsker afdækker kræftcellers skjulte 'Formel 1-kommunikation'
(Eng: Danish researchers uncover cancer cells' hidden "formula 1 communication")

by Maria Viskinde

Contact: Dimitrios Stamou

Phd and Post docs

JOIN EUSynBioS: New community for SynBio students and postdocs

EUSynBioS will serve as central community for students and postdocs within Europe who are active in the field of synthetic biology.  

Advantages: Create a network, share resources, receive news and events, browse jobs, get a mentor

Sign up here


Upcoming Events

Gordon Research Conference on Synbio

The prestigious organization Gordon Research Conferences is hosting a conference on synthetic biology on June 28th-July 3rd 2015. It will take place in Newry, Maine, USA.

Read more here

Date: 28 June - 3 July 2015

Place: Newry, Maine, USA

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