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Center for Synthetic Biology Newsletter September 2014

Newsletter September 2014


New book out - Synthetic Biology vol.1

Professor Birger Lindberg Møller, director of Center for Synthetic Biology, authored chapter 24 entitled "Disruptive innovation: channeling photosynthetic electron flow into light-driven synthesis of high-value products"

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Congratulations to 2 new synbio graduates

Anna Holzwarth and Dainius Jakubauskas' Master projects focussed on parts of the larger Light Driven Synthesis Project of Center for Synthetic Biology and the Plant Power Project

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Successful Synbio Summer School

An international team of Master and PhD-students have completed an exciting five day summer course dedicated to plant synthetic biology at Copenhagen Plant Science Center

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CONFERENCE REGISTRATION: Optimal Production of High Value Compounds - Dialogue Between Fields for more Efficient Output

University of California, Berkely
10th-12th November 2014

The conference seeks to explore a new multileveled approach to speed up knowledge development and enter the fast track to optimal, large-scale and market-relevant production of high value compounds. 

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New Publications

A selection of the most recent peer reviewed publications produced by Center for Synthetic Biology researchers.

In the Media

Biohacking at Kopenlab

by Maria Konstantin

University Post



A report on Center for Syntehtic Biology's involvement in the promotion of collaboration between citizens and individuals from academia and industry at the Science and the City Festival

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Researcher Profile in Focus

This month we are welcoming an incoming and congratulating an outgoing Phd student.

Philosopher Andreas Christiansen is the newest addition to Center for Synthetic Biology's research community as of 2013.

He will focus on ethical questions related to synthetic biology during his PhD studies - with special focus on the concepts of reason, good, value and the interests of the public.

Read Andreas' description of his project here

Nicholas Skar Gislinge defended his Phd thesis entitled "
Using Nanodiscs to Facilitate Structural Studies of Membrane Proteins with Small Angle Scattering" on 02.07.14.

Read about Nicholas' completed project here


Upcoming Events

15 September - 19 September 2014

SUMMER SCHOOL: Societal Dimensions of Synbio 

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22 Oct 2014

Videnskab bag bæredygtig omstilling - den grønne løsning

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6 November - 7 November 2014

International Symposium for Plant Science, S. Korea

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10 November - 12 November 2014

CONFERENCE: Optimal Production of High Value Compounds - Dialogue Between Fields for more Efficient Output.

University of California, Berkely. -12th November 2014

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28 June - 3 July 2015

Gordon Research Conference on Synbio

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